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Apply for the Professional Year Program by completing the form below. Follow the prompts to enter your details and upload the requested paperwork. You are able to save your work and come back to complete the form within 48 hours.

Before you complete the ACAP Professional Year Application Form, please complete the EEA Application Form located on the EEA website.

Applicant Details

If you only have one name, please enter XXX

If you only have one name, please enter it here

Please provide the physical address (street number and name not post office box) where you usually reside rather than any temporary address at which you reside for training, work or other purposes before returning to your home.

Do not use your university email address.

Please attach scanned colour copies of your documents to relevant sections below (file limit: 5MB) ensuring that the upload is complete for each document (this may take a few moments to process). Copies of supporting documentation must be clear, legible and in its entirety.

Please ensure that you read the Privacy Statement and Declaration by clicking on the link below:

Please ensure that you read the Professional Year Programs – Terms and Conditions by clicking on the link below: